Mediation - Better communication for a way out of conflict

Separation and divorce are hard on all children and adults involved. The traditional approach of “communication through my lawyer” can make it worse. It sets the parties up as adversaries and often direct communication ceases. This causes assumptions, misunderstandings, and suspicions to grow and can result in a very long and costly process.

Family Conflict

Make your conversations productive, effective and efficient

Conflict resolution that utilizes the interest-based family mediation model helps to build common ground and a future-focused plan. The mediation process takes far less time, money, and stress than alternative approaches. With MacKinnon Communications, you can move past the conflict and move into the future, sooner.

Family Conflict

Clear communication is key

By talking with both parties, we learn what is important for each of you and what needs to be resolved. When children are involved, we help to create a comprehensive parenting plan addressing all issues related to the children, including financial support matters. We work with both sides on all matters related to equal division debts and assets and prepare an agreement that is accurate, correct, and complete. Once you have an agreement that is fair and sustainable for both of you, we will guide you through your options to file your agreement with your court application.

A family in crisis

Separation or divorce can leave you feeling overwhelmed and your family suffers when every conversation seems to turn into an argument.

MacKinnon Communications can help you reduce stress and anxiety and keep you out of the adversarial legal system.


We serve as an experienced, objective, confidential third party to help you arrive a written agreement

Cost starts at $720.00


If it is not possible to arrive at a mediated agreement, under the Arbitration Act of Alberta, we can provide a written decision that both parties agree will be legally binding

Costs starting at $3,000


When you need a consultant or advisor on your side, we can be there for you

Costs starting at $1,500

Workplace Training

Succession planning - defining what’s next

What do you do when the lead of the family farm or business is ready to hand the reins over to someone new? 

As an objective, skilled third party, we ensure that all perspectives are heard. We guide you through the difficult discussions and tough decisions that ultimately lead to an informed decision that works for the business and everyone involved.

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Kortney R.

We were extremely happy with your approach and expediency. We believe your services represent what mediation should be like - progressive and reflecting the desires of the parties involved in the process.

Karen T.

Alasdair provided a thorough and efficient navigation of complex issues during the separation process.

How it works

Family Conflict

It starts with a call

You are likely overwhelmed and have a lot of questions. Within a short consultation call, we can provide a clear path to the next stepes. First, we talk with you and the other party individually. We hear your concerns, explain our mediation process and answer questions that you might have. If we decide that mediation is right for you, we can set up a meeting to help.

Let’s get started
Family conflict

Finding solutions for you

It can take as little as two meetings – on average about six hours of your time – to reach an agreement on critical family and financial issues. The first session usually focuses on the children – decision making, parenting schedule, schooling, travel, child support, whatever’s relevant The second meeting deals with the division of matrimonial property, debts, assets, and spousal support (if relevant).

We provide a safe environment to discuss what is important settle on an agreement that is in the best interest of children and parents. It’s about finding the common ground and collaborating to move forward with your lives.

Family Conflict

The path forward - The agreement

Our goal at MacKinnon Communications is to provide both parties with a written agreement that can be utilized in your court application for separation/divorce. But it’s much more than that. Having a written agreement about the care and well-being of your children and certainty about your financial assets and economic security for the future is priceless.

Meet Alasdair

My service and focus is to help individuals, families, and organizations manage and resolve their conflict and learn effective new skills to communicate and lead themselves and others.

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