The Importance of a Clear Vision

Alot of my recent work has included facilitating strategic planning sessions for various groups and the improving of group dynamics and communication among groups where assumptions and hunching has replaced clear, efficient and respectful communication and understanding. 

A foundational aspect of any group is the answer to the questions, “Why do we exist and where do we want our work taking us?

In other words, a clearly understood and clearly supported mission statement and vision for the organization. 

However, the concepts of a mission and vision statement are often viewed with much skepticism because they are seen as having little value to the success of the organization.

I suggest that the planks of a mission statement and vision often serve little value to organizations only because many groups do not understand their significance and do not communicate them effectively to the world.

I was reminded of this fact when listening to the CBC radio program, Sunday Edition on April 13.

The program featured the story of the Norwegian national oil wealth fund and compared it to the Alberta Heritage Fund. 

While Alberta’s fund currently sits at about 17 billion dollars, Norway’s fund is reaching 850 billion dollars-50 times larger than Alberta’s!  

The man who developed the fund in Norway attributed the difference to the fact that Norway had a clear mission and vision as to why the fund existed and what its purpose was and further that this was communicated to everyone.

A clear mission and clear vision that is well communicated. 

Someting to be said about that….