Breaking Down Barriers: The Power of Mediation

We acknowledge the impact that conflict can have on individuals and organizations, whether it be a family undergoing separation or divorce or a business struggling with a dysfunctional team or other challenges. We provide a range of services, including mediation for couples and leadership skills training, to assist you in overcoming these difficulties.


From Conflict to Resolution: The Benefits of Mediation

At MacKinnon Communications, we will guide you through the mediation process to identify what needs to be resolved and how to move forward to an agreeable and sustainable solution.

The mediation process will provide you with a written agreement that focuses on accountability rather than blame, and understanding rather than judgment.

  • Creates clarity and mutual acceptance
  • Addresses conflict with productive communication
  • Saves you time, money, uncertainty, and stress

Mediation & Family Conflict

Mediation creates a safe space for communication through separation and divorce. The mediator facilitates the conversation and ensures that each party has the opportunity to speak and be heard. We guide you through difficult decision-making and offer future-focused solutions.

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Workplace Training

Employee and workplace training helps build trust among your team and create healthier communication in the workplace. Regular training creates an environment for increased innovation, better decision-making, and the ability to take on new challenges for your employees.

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Mediation works

The Role of Mediation in Conflict Resolution

Mediation aims to shift people’s mindset away from a confrontational win/lose approach and towards constructive and respectful communication. This involves discussing each party’s priorities, identifying the issues that need to be addressed, and working together to find solutions.

At MacKinnon Communications, our main goal is to help you reach a written agreement that addresses all of your needs, as well as those of your family or business, both now and in the future. Our mediation process takes place in a confidential, safe, and neutral environment, where participants can communicate openly and respectfully to find solutions to life’s challenges.

Less stress, anxiety and uncertainty
Experienced and objective third party to assist you
Save substantial time and money  
Home Listening

A safe place to feel heard

We offer a safe place for healthy communication. An environment for all parties to talk openly and feel heard.

  • We learn by listening to your needs and challenges
  • We work with you on future-focused solutions
  • We help you develop a customized plan to chart your future
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Hear what others are saying about us

Kortney R.

We were extremely happy with your approach and expediency. We believe your services represent what mediation should be like - progressive and reflecting the desires of the parties involved in the process.

Terence Koshman

We have been training through Mackinnon Communications with our people who are fairly new into the industry. Through the negotiation training that has been established, these individuals are coming out of the course with more confidence in having all types of conversations with the customer and have gained in their ability and confidence in the overall communication process. Through internal discussions with their peers, this becomes a course that any new employees are looking to be involved in.

Drumheller Valley
Amber M.L.
Town of Drumheller

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and I boasted about it to my family and friends after every class! I learned so much about myself and my leadership style, and I now know where and when I need to make adjustments when leading my team. At the end of the course, I left with a list of resources to continue developing my skills and new confidence to apply the skills that I learned because of the hands-on practice with my peers.

Karen T.

Alasdair provided a thorough and efficient navigation of complex issues during the separation process.

Gary Geis
Executive Director, Red Deer Construction Association

We have had the pleasure to have Alasdair present to our membership on conflict management. Alasdair’s experience, knowledge and passion about the topic is very prevalent in his presentation with real world workplace examples. The feedback from our audience was overwhelming and we are bringing back Alasdair for future presentations. I would not hesitate to refer or recommend Alasdair’s services to anyone.

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My service and focus is to help individuals, families, and organizations manage and resolve their conflict and learn effective new skills to communicate and lead themselves and others.

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