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While the focus in our educational systems has and will continue to be on the sciences, technologies, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), recently many industries and government groups in Canada have also identified the crucial role that social and emotional intelligence skills (SEIS) play in successful work teams.

Workplace SEIS skills include skilled communication, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, adaptability, leadership, collaboration, and conflict mitigation. MacKinnon Communications offers practical experience and expertise to deliver top-shelf custom-built skills training in these crucial areas for your organization’s success.

Workplace Training

Mapping the future

Strategic planning designs a road map for your organization’s future. It’s all about knowing where you are, knowing where you want to go, and getting the engagement of everyone so you can get there.

MacKinnon Communications facilitates strategic planning sessions to ensure that all ideas and perspectives are brought out. As an outside professional, we create a safe, open, inclusive atmosphere to make your strategic planning session a success.

Resolve workplace conflict

Most people try to avoid dealing with conflict but when conflict is present, the team is not working together for optimal capacity. We provide skill-building training workshops for staff at all levels of your organization on crucial elements of successful workplace culture such as skilled communication, conflict mitigation, working in teams, leadership and accountability.

Resolving workplace conflict

MacKinnon Communications mediates workplace issues and finds solutions so that the focus can shift to the work at hand

Leadership training

Leadership and management training for employees needing to enhance their leadership skills and help to better contribute to the overall growth of the organization

Communication training

Skills-based communication training and coaching workshops to accelerate your communication skills in the workplace

If workplace communication, conflict or quality leadership skills are needed to grow your organization, we can help you find the right solution.

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How it works


Assessing your needs

We begin by listening. You’re the expert on your organization and the challenges you are dealing with. This discussion can happen over the phone, in person, or on a video call. We’ll listen to understand your needs and propose how we can help.

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Workplace Training

Getting it done

MacKinnon Communications Group is here to support your business. It could be mediating with employees embroiled in conflict and finding a solution. It could be running skills-based training on communication or leadership workshops. Or it could be facilitating planning sessions that map out the organization’s future.

We support your business by offering mediation for employees embroiled in conflict, skills-based training on communication, leadership workshops, and facilitation planning session to help map out the future of your organization.

Workplace Training

Executing and following-up on necessary changes

New skills such as communication, leadership, or conflict mitigation tactics need to be practiced and embedded into the workplace culture. The monitoring of the professional relationship between previously-embattled employees needs to be assessed. These are important responsibilities of your organization’s leadership that help build a better and stronger organization.

MacKinnon Communications can offer recommendations and coaching support in these important areas of sustainability.


Terence Koshman

We have been training through Mackinnon Communications with our people who are fairly new into the industry. Through the negotiation training that has been established, these individuals are coming out of the course with more confidence in having all types of conversations with the customer and have gained in their ability and confidence in the overall communication process. Through internal discussions with their peers, this becomes a course that any new employees are looking to be involved in.

Drumheller Valley
Amber M.L.
Town of Drumheller

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and I boasted about it to my family and friends after every class! I learned so much about myself and my leadership style, and I now know where and when I need to make adjustments when leading my team. At the end of the course, I left with a list of resources to continue developing my skills and new confidence to apply the skills that I learned because of the hands-on practice with my peers.

Gary Geis
Executive Director, Red Deer Construction Association

We have had the pleasure to have Alasdair present to our membership on conflict management. Alasdair’s experience, knowledge and passion about the topic is very prevalent in his presentation with real world workplace examples. The feedback from our audience was overwhelming and we are bringing back Alasdair for future presentations. I would not hesitate to refer or recommend Alasdair’s services to anyone.

Kurt Stillwell
B.A, L.l.B. Legal Counsel, Energy Resources Conservation Board

As a former legal counsel with the Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB), I had the opportunity to work with Alasdair MacKinnon in his capacity as an Inspector with the NRCB. I found Alasdair to possess a high degree of communication and interpersonal skills. Alasdair utilizes his formal training and his personal experiences to mediate effectively with various stakeholders. He has the ability to separate the personalities from the issues and focus on resolution of the issues for mutual gain.

Dan Thachuck
B.a., M.a.psychology Pyschologist, Surrey School District

I know Alasdair from my work with the Red Deer Public School Board District. Alasdair has a great deal of training and broad life experience skills that he brings to the field of conflict resolution. He has the ability to identify the issues that need to be addressed by the parties. Alasdair is able to assist people in moving away from their positional posturing towards exploring their interests and seeking the common ground necessary for emerging solutions.

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My service and focus is to help individuals, families, and organizations manage and resolve their conflict and learn effective new skills to communicate and lead themselves and others.

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We have successfully conducted over 1,400 mediations and arbitrations.  On the corporate training side pertaining to communication, conflict mitigation, and leadership, we have an impressive list of ever-growing clients across western Canada.

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