Family Conflict

Family conflict resolution - Our approach

Conflict can arise due to unproductive communication, resulting in assumptions, stagnation, and a lack of personal responsibility. Skilled mediation services in a family or workplace setting can offer a safe and confidential space for individuals to engage in open dialogue.

It is crucial for all parties to feel heard and validated to identify the essential issues and make progress. The mediator acts as an impartial third party who facilitates constructive communication, leading to a fair and sustainable written agreement that can be filed in court if necessary.

Family Conflict

Workplace training - Our approach

We believe that training is only meaningful when participants gain new, practical skills that they can immediately apply in their work environment.

Our programs focus on developing effective workplace communication, conflict resolution skills, and accountable leadership. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about their own communication styles and explore the concept of assertive communication.

We also cover individual conflict resolution styles and how they can impact others, as well as strategies for overcoming workplace conflicts. Participants will learn practical skills for authentic leadership and the importance of trust and accountability in fostering healthy relationships between leaders and followers.

Healthy Communication Builds Healthy Teams

We are sometimes asked, why does our logo include geese flying in V formation? That’s because we can learn alot from geese.

  • They work together for a common purpose and in a common direction
  • They communicate well and support each other and accept each other’s help when it is needed
  • They work together to increase the range of everyone in their group
  • They share leadership are stay accountable by accepting the lead role when called on

By traveling together, the lead goose takes on the task of confronting the most wind resistance. Yet the flapping of the wings of all the geese creates greater lift for everyone involved and expands the flying range of all the geese by about 70%. When the lead goose tires, it will fly out of the lead position and another goose will take its place. If a goose gets sick or injured, it will land, along with two other geese, who will stay with the sick or injured goose until it dies or is ready to fly again.

Alasdair MacKinnon

About Alasdair Mackinnon

I understand that individuals need to have their voices heard and to be respected.  I also understand that people need to have as much control as possible in resolving their conflicts in a calm and safe environment. As a result of my training, knowledge and experience, I founded MacKinnon Communications in 2006.


I worked over 20 years with the RCMP and am trained as an interest-based negotiator. Through my interactions with people and families in high-stress situations I’ve discovered that many people don’t have the communication or conflict mitigation tools to effectively deal with conflict in a healthy or sustainable way. 

I’ve completed over 1,500 mediations, arbitrations, negotiations, and facilitations.  In addition to my family mediation services, I conduct customised skill-building training and provide strategic planning services to corporate clients, businesses, organisations, and government entities of all sizes across western Canada.

Alasdair Mackinnon


I have worked in the field of mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and corporate training for over 35 years. I have a Certificate in Conflict Resolution specialising in Mediation and Negotiation and a Certificate in Arbitration. I hold the nationally-recognized designations of Chartered Mediator (CM), Registered Family Mediator (RFM ), and Qualified Arbitrator (QArb).

Alasdair Mackinnon


My Bachelor of Arts degree  is from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, and I earned a Master of Education degree specialising in Adult Learning from Yorkville University in Fredericton, New Brunswick. I also have a Certificate in Environmental Management from the University of Calgary.

Alasdair Mackinnon
About Us

Our values for healthy communication

We believe that integrity is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that authentic and compassionate engagement with our clients and their identified needs is foundational to offering the best service possible.

We believe that professionalism which involves our skills, our training, our knowledge, and our experience is our fundamental principle of the delivery of all of our services to our clients.

Compassionate engagement

Mediation & Family Conflict

Mediation creates a safe space for communication through separation and divorce. The mediator facilitates the conversation and ensures that each party has the opportunity to speak and be heard. We guide you through difficult decision-making and offer future-focused solutions.

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Workplace Training

Employee and workplace training helps build trust among your team and create healthier communication in the workplace. Regular training creates an environment for increased innovation, better decision-making, and the ability to take on new challenges for your employees.

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Hear what others are saying about us

Kortney R.

We were extremely happy with your approach and expediency. We believe your services represent what mediation should be like - progressive and reflecting the desires of the parties involved in the process.

Terence Koshman

We have been training through Mackinnon Communications with our people who are fairly new into the industry. Through the negotiation training that has been established, these individuals are coming out of the course with more confidence in having all types of conversations with the customer and have gained in their ability and confidence in the overall communication process. Through internal discussions with their peers, this becomes a course that any new employees are looking to be involved in.

Drumheller Valley
Amber M.L.
Town of Drumheller

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and I boasted about it to my family and friends after every class! I learned so much about myself and my leadership style, and I now know where and when I need to make adjustments when leading my team. At the end of the course, I left with a list of resources to continue developing my skills and new confidence to apply the skills that I learned because of the hands-on practice with my peers.

Karen T.

Alasdair provided a thorough and efficient navigation of complex issues during the separation process.

Gary Geis
Executive Director, Red Deer Construction Association

We have had the pleasure to have Alasdair present to our membership on conflict management. Alasdair’s experience, knowledge and passion about the topic is very prevalent in his presentation with real world workplace examples. The feedback from our audience was overwhelming and we are bringing back Alasdair for future presentations. I would not hesitate to refer or recommend Alasdair’s services to anyone.